A Place Tells a Story

A Place Tells a Story

106pp, cloth hardcover, white emboss, hand numbered, silk-screened jacket, CD.
Limited edition: 1000 copies.
Release: September 2008.


Place is layer, is fabric. Community is detail, is flux. Definition and identity are never so clear-cut.

A Place Tells a Story is a book and CD project that engages with subjective notions of place and community. Via visual art, text, music and artefact, the project sees some of Melbourne’s most exciting young artists map, question, celebrate and reflect upon a scattering of our unofficial community sites.

Milk bars, street corners, neighbourhoods, roads; within the context of an increasingly globalised consciousness, A Place Tells a Story reconnects with locality and specificity. It explores these sites’ histories and narratives; it poses questions about their future.

Produced by Marc Martin, Justine Ellis and Dan Rule of local independent publishers the And Collective, A Place Tells a Story features the work of: Warwick Baker, Tom Civil, Oslo Davis, Kubota Fumikazu, Rachael Wenona Guy, Andy Jackson, Kyle de Kuijer, Brigid McCarthy, Meg Mundell, Mandy Ord, Liza Power, Memuzin River, Lou Smith, Salote Tawale and Eve Vincent.

With music and sound by: Perfect Black Swan, Nadia Combe, Saddleback, Bird Traps, Chris Smith, Lee Memorial and Jon Tjhia.

And Collective would like to acknowledge the financial support and assistance of :

For all distribution enquiries, please contact:

Modern Journal
PO Box 1082
Collingwood 3066
T: +61 3 94848101
F: +61 3 94848180
E: modernjournal@netspace.net.au
W: modernjournal.blogspot.com

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